Integrative Medicine is a rapidly growing field that is constantly offering us fascinating new information. Along with beautiful ancient teachings and wisdom (that are not always quantifiable though foundational and proven over time) the field of yoga and mindfulness research is growing. This is a mere introduction, from the areas of integrative health that I am more familiar with, of some newer evidence based information that you may find interesting. I am happy to look into research you have found on your own condition or challenge, that might relate to the work we may be doing together. Please note that I also teach Critical Appraisal 101. If scientific research is somewhat unfamiliar to you and/or you’d like help in this arena, I am happy to schedule a session(s) to help you learn to assess what you are reading or researching about. - click here to discuss further.


My great uncle: Henri Victor Grenade, resident physician, Université de Liège, Belgium, circa 1899. As the only doc in the family, he's my personal inspiration in global health, photography, and humor.


Effect of targeted yoga therapy on the menstrual pain and quality of life of young women with primary dysmenorrhea

Nonpharmacologic Management of Chronic Insomnia

Mindfulness and yoga for psychological trauma: systematic review and meta-analysis

Herbal Products Used in Menopause and for Gynecological Disorders

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Mindfulness-based therapy significantly improves sexual desire in women

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Yoga for palliative care

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Caregivers of People With Disabilities: A Program to Enhance Wellness Self-Care

Guided imagery for treating hypertension in pregnancy

Yoga for symptom management in oncology

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IAYT white paper on Yoga therapy and Pain

IAYT definition of Yoga Therapy (updated 2020)

Cesarean deliveries are decreasing in the United States with increased midwife deliveries

International, multidisciplinary Delphi consensus recommendations on non-pharmacological interventions for fibromyalgia

Yoga for Health: What the Science Says


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