Adjusting to New Diagnosis, Life phase, Identity, or Loss. Finding balance when things change: including during menopause, puberty, parenting, weaning/ empty nesting, marriage, blending families, gender identity discovery, sobriety, divorce, disease and more.

Yoga Therapy (YT): including for mood disorders/anxiety, postural realignment, healing support for patients, stress reduction, addiction challenges, and coping with Cancer and chronic conditions.

Re-embodiment Work and Post Trauma Healing: Somatic therapy based on Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Sexual and Reproductive Health: Preconception Counseling, Fertility focused Yoga Therapy, Family Planning Resources


Teen Communication and Development Guidance: for adults and/or teens and tools for everyday practice outside of talk therapy including present body movement work and education around brain development and expectations.

Mood Stabilization and support: around Anxiety, Depression, issues of Grief and Loss.

Pain and Blood Pressure Reduction: using YT including mindfulness, breath techniques, movement and deep relaxation.

Wellness Consultation: bringing together several perspectives for a holistic approach

Postpartum Rebalancing and Birth Recovery: partners and/or babies welcome as well.

ChildBirth Education Private Workshop: As a complete individualized course to meet your needs to prepare for birth. Along with what to expect and tools to facilitate your labor - individualized issues such as adoption/surrogacy, restricted movement, out of hospital birth, and surgical birth. Individual or Dyad pricing for 1- 4 individuals to be present or involved in birth or adoption

Early Parenting Classes: Individualized sessions to match your family’s goals: including specialized sessions on multiples, basic infant care in the age of Covid and other super bugs, and attachment or temperament discordance. Individual or Dyad pricing for 1- 4 individuals.

Hormone Balancing: In complement to pharmacotherapy, Yoga Therapy has much to offer in the case of thyroid conditions, menopause, PCOS, adrenal insufficiency, and postpartum -including related to thyroid, diabetes, and estrogen imbalances (including while nursing) etc.

Bone Health: Specific sequencing taught to promote improved posture, and greater range of motion, strength, and coordination, all factors that also mitigate the risk of falls and fractures.


Consultation prior to first session: On Phone 30-45 min FREE

Individual Return Session: $125 50 min

Initial Session and Plan, In-Person or Virtual: $140 60 minutes

Online/Virtual: $115, 50 MIN - available ideally after an in person initial or other special circumstances - contact me to discuss

Home Visit: $160, 60 min, not to be self scheduled. Please leave a voice or text message to discuss.

Dyad: $180 75 minutes in person, $140 virtual. Please request text via or voice message.

Group Sessions: can be arranged and priced accordingly, please contact me.

Fabulous Five Package: $550/$500 (=$110 each in person or $100 each online.) To be used within 12 weeks.


Sliding scale Available: offered on a case by case basis. Please leave message.

Payment due in full at time of services rendered, or at time that the appointment was scheduled, if no show. If canceled ahead of time, but within 24hrs, $50. If canceled prior, no charge.